We, as a long-distance and international services operator in Kazakhstan, provide the voice transit for local and mobile operators of Kazakhstan to the foreign destinations directions and foreign operators voice termination to telephone networks in Kazakhstan.

Online Group LLC has been doing this activity for more than 8 years. During this time we have established business relationships with partners abroad and in Kazakhstan. Was created a flexible and reliable system of voice transit routing, which includes both backup routes by time-proven VOIP providers and independent from each other switches and VOIP systems of different server platforms.

We use every invested tenge in our business the most rationally. This allows us to offer the most competitive rates in Kazakhstans voice traffic market with the high quality provision of telephone connectivity and service.

Our company uses the different hardware and software, as a "new-fangled" VOIP technology and the more "classic and stable" protocols ISDN PRI, SS7. We have the technical ability to perform almost any kind of connection between operators networks and can do it very rapidly.