How we started

Our company was founded in early of 2007 in Almaty, Kazakhstan Republic. At the meeting of the future constitutors were decided to create the Kazakhstans telecommunication provider, since this activity type is World most perspective, in our technological times, even more, it is vital. Since that time, the company began to develop rapidly, get all the necessary permits and licenses, install and run the necessary facilities, hire specialists and do everything that has to do a successful business.

Our principles

During the work of the company, we have established the certain work rules. The communication quality for any telecommunication company - is his name. We really appreciate our name. Abidance with business ethics should be indispensable attribute of any business run. Low rates among the rivals in the market are the direct proofs of the effectiveness companys management.

Our achievements

The most important International Telecommunications Operator achievement in Kazakhstan is the implementation of the qualification requirements in accordance with our legislation. We walked to it for many years ahead, spent lots of material resources, collective time, nerves and work. And finally on July 25, 2014 during the Kazakhstan Agency for Communication and Information audit it was established the Online Group LLC has performed entirely qualification requirements and criteria for the definition of the international and long-distance services operator in Kazakhstan.